Possibly one of the very hard and complicated non-immigrant visas to obtain, and undoubtedly emotionally difficult, may be the fiance visa, or the K1 visa. The first step of the fiance credit method may be the submission of the fiance visa petition by the US citizen member of the couple. There are a selection of supporting documents that must be submitted, a lot of that has to do with validating the living of your relationship. Before a petition can be published to the United Claims Practices and Immigration Service (USCIS), but, the US resident typically is necessary individually meet making use of their international fiance for the method to move any further. While you will find restricted exceptions to this concept, it is extremely to  Политическое Убежище в США ugh to qualify for one of these brilliant exceptions. When the petition is accepted, the second stage of the method can start in that the international fiance may then apply at a US embassy in their own state for a fiance visa.
Publishing the petition to the USCIS will need a lot of particular data from the US citizen and international fiance. This really is ostensibly to demonstrate your identities, revenue, and that equally parties are certainly unbound by any past marriages. When the Petition for Strange Fiance sort, or the I-129F, is submitted, it then must be accepted before it may be delivered to the National Visa Center (NVC). The petition can invest a short time at the NVC before being provided for the US embassy or consulate of the country the foreign fiance is from to allow them to individually apply for the fiance visa. Keep in mind you will see medical examinations taken to ensure you can find number communicable conditions and that the foreign fiance has a clean statement of health. Only embassy approved doctors can conduct these examinations, and the outcome is likely to be provided to be used to the interview in a closed envelope. Schedule the session and take care of any essential fees. The fees may be high, and they have to be compensated before the appointment for the appointment may be made.
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