Self-motivation often depends on our own individual circumstances, and expectations. In an era of economic change, many people may feel disappointed and lack motivation, except on a survival level. Whilst others are determined to see this change through and beat the change.

Determining what motivates you, could make the difference by facing any difficult changes with the strength to continue or sit back and become lethargic and fatalistic about the situation you are personally facing.

So How do you determine what Motivates You?

1. Sit back, relax and empty your mind about any negative thoughts. Being clear headed is one way to approach deciding what motivates you......

2. Write down on two pieces of paper or on word, one section on what motivates you personally, and one on what elements do not motivate you.

3. Once that's finished you have a complete list of the real factors that both motivate and make you lose motivation.

4. Analyze the points you have written down, Good Morning Quotes And Images and see if there is any action you can take to change the situation.

5. Work on erasing the factors that are not motivating you, and fixing the factors that really motivate you.

Often we find that our motivation has changed because of circumstances, and we are forced into situations we dislike; like a job we dislike, or a partner we do not really love, even a place we do not like living in. Finding a way to solve these problems could lead to success, simply because perhaps a change in career could motivate you to become a success, or even a change in the area we live in.

A Motivational chart often clears problems, and helps us move on towards a better life, and can even solve the problems we often face with new resolve.

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