How to Increase the Size of Your Penis With Forcing blood into (Jelqing) Techniques

A very common question that many guys have is how to increase penis size. The particular most common ways for how to increase male organ size tends to be ways that don't work too well or are too dangerous to try.

Male organ pills for instance, is one method which guys never have had a lot of luck with. At best, momentary gains are experienced, but long lasting gains are not. You shouldn't expect noticeable and long lasting penis size increases just by taking pills.

Male Penis Exercises

Penis pumps or extenders are Jelqing also common methods for enlargement. Nevertheless these methods have safety concerns attached with them and are generally not recommended. Effects also appear to be mixed, in general, many guys simple do not want to continue lengthy using pumps due to risk factor involved.

A less popular method, yet one of the most effective methods are exercise techniques, sometimes known massaging techniques, or more commonly, "jelqing". This is a method which involves only using your hands. No pumps, extenders, pills or other things except lubrication, is required to perform jelqing techniques.

I feel the best way to describe jelqing is by related it to massaging. You're essentially lubricating up your semi-erect penis, and then performing a slow palm massage from the foundation to just prior to the brain. Like massage you are employing a lubricant to help, and you are performing the action in a slow and handled manner.

Most commonly, the browse and forefinger are became a member of to make a circle, and the circle is wrapped around the bottom of the semi-erect, oiled penis, as you slowly massage therapy downwards in order to before the head, where you then release and repeat the same with the other hand.

This increases blood flow, works the tissue and after several days the penis rebuilds to higher size both in length and girth.

The key to massaging techniques is proper form and steady practice. You can't just do one jelqing program and expect added size. It generally takes several weeks for noticeable size to occur, yet some men have reported noticeable gains in only 2-3 weeks.

Proper form is also key. Is actually best to try to view a jelqing movie therefore you can see the proper form employed. These types of jelqing videos can be rather rare and when they are found the subject is usually utilizing a clown as a demonstration tool. While this can give you a good idea of the technique, viewing a real penile video will have more benefit to the specialist.

Another important factor is warm ups and warm downs. Generally this requires taking a warm to hot cloth and wrapping it around the penis beforehand. This warms the penile up for the rubbing techniques beforehand, and after it relaxes the penis allowing for the repairing process to begin.

While the above describes the basic jelqing technique, there are actually many other variants on jelqs as well as other exercises that guys will include to enhance size results, as well as bringing on these results as quickly as possible.

One example of more exercises which are being used along with of jelqs, are stretching exercises. While these do not have much benefit on their own, when utilized alongside of jelqing, they can have benefits in length gains. Generally, stretching out exercises are performed after a jelqing session is done. There are variations on stretching, but generally the penis is gently outstretched and kept in place for a few seconds, before launching, relaxing, and then repeating.

There is also supplementation involved with jelqing. Just like stretching, there isn't much benefit to supplements by themselves. But when put together with jelq exercises, certain supplements which can naturally increase growth hormone creation, can have benefits with increasing penis size while doing a jelqing program.

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