Only prevent pimples from occurring but not take care of pimple marks by diminishing and clearing them gradually How to take care of it: oily Dermabellix Skin Tag Remover tends to attract more dirt than dry skin so wash your face several times a day with a light non greasy liquid soap and warm water Rinse with cold water Use of face back once or twice a week absorbs excess oil Use toners and astringents containing alcohol to help dry the skin Buy water-based moisturizers and make-up and use powder to minimize shine Remember to look for the following variants in your cream Need: It acts as astringent for the skin Tulsa: it has cooling effect on the skin Handan: It absorbs excess oil giving a  DermaBellix to the skin Alpha Hydroxyl acids: Natural plant extracts that improves the look and condition of the skin Astringent: It is effective on oily and blemished complexions Performs tightening action on the skin and pores Turmeric.

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