Diet pills have been popular for at least 30 years and there have recently been many different pills in that time. In looking at diet pills we can see that things have really changed with like diet pill makers have targeted fat loss. Inside just the last few years we have seen the following:

ECA Bunch - A combo of ephedrine for energy, coffee for energy and acetylsalicylsäure to stop the shakes ( how could this really be good for you

Ma Huang - and ephedrine substitute that was seen through fairly queickly but is not yet restricted like ephedrine is.

Fenfluramine and dexfenfluramine - also known as phen phen was also banned by the FDA.

What do all these diet pills have in common? They increase your metabolism to a ridiculous level and try to use this to lose weight. Although at the time these looked like there was a good idea of course they may have all been linked to cardiac problems as a result of way that they caused hypertension.

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Now we see a new breed of diet pills on the market and these pills are somewhat different. For one thing the new diet pills do not appear to try to raise hypertension levels but instead look at the way that you body works and how you look at food.

One of the stimuli that these phenq new breed of pills try to help you is by stopping your from being hungry so you do not binge. An illustration of this this is Hoodia. The sole problem with Hoodia is that it is practically impossible to find due to demand so most companies try to fake you out by putting such low levels in their pills that they will not help curb your food cravings at all.

The next kind of diet supplement would be something like green teas extracts. What green green tea does is curb your appetite but more importantly it helps to obviously boost the rate that your body burns fat without raising your metabolism and leading to dangerous hypertension.

In looking at the past and present of diet pills you can view that as the diet industry has matured you have become finding more and more types of goods that are safer for you because the products are aiding your body in losing fat rather than the old way of diet pills just forcing you to burn fat.

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