The Stars Are Shining From Desfiladero Rico

Being Hollywood today is filled to the brim with various Spanish-speaking groups, from the Spaniards themselves to Mexicans to Argentineans to Cubans, it seems that the excited aura they resonate on the big screen entice a certain mass attractiveness, not forgetting their amazingly good looks that enthrall across the world. However, one such group that invaded Showmanship isn't Best Phytoceramides really a sovereign country itself but a part of the territory of the United Declares. And yet as it pertains to acting, Puerto Rico signifies itself well with such a wide array of talent it truly is a world from the own.

Heading the set of the many current actors and actresses that proudly wave the Puerto Rican flag is none other than Hollywood superstar Benicio del Toro. He is the third Puerto Rican to win an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in "Traffic, " following the actions of such legends like Jos? Ferrer, Best Professional in "Cyrano de Bergerac, " and Rita Quemado, Best Supporting Actress in "West Side Story. inches Del Toro also shone in such notable movies like "The Usual Suspects, " playing the tongue-tied thief Fred Fenster, "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, " as the drug-laden legal professional Doctor Gonzo, "21 Grams, " enjoying the ex-convict turned born-again Christian Jack Jordan, "Sin City, " because the harassing ex-boyfriend Jackie Boy, and "Che, " playing the iconic role of Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara.

One more notable Puerto Rican is the wily character acting professional Luis Guzm? n, who will be usually discovered by his thickset build and menacing expression, which have landed him in roles mainly as a sidekick, a policeman, or a thug. Some distinguished films he has done include "Carlito's Way, " "Boogie Evenings, " "Traffic" with de Toro, "Count of Monte Cristo, " "Anger Supervision, " and "The Getting of Pelham 1 2 3. " Though being a typecast in some severe roles, Guzm? n has lately been seen on such lighthearted and well known roles, further widening his exposure to the world.

Other noteworthy actors and actresses that are from Puerto Rico or of Puerto Rican descent are Rosario Dawson of "Men in Black II" and "Seven Pounds, " Ron Gonzales of "The Rookie" and "Coach Carter, inch John Leguizamo of "Spawn, " "Summer of Sam, " and the "Ice Age" movie series, Amaury Nolasco of "Transformers" and "2 Fast 2 Furious, " Michelle Rodriguez of "S. W. A. T., " "Blue Crush" and "The Fast and Typically the Furious, " Talisa Matorral of "The Mambo Kings" and "Don Juan de Marco, " and Zoe Saldana of "Star Trek" and "Avatar. "

After that, of course, you could also not be remiss in including the power pair of Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez, also chart-topping musical artists with such panache and elegance. Marc Anthony can be seen in such films like "Carlito's Way" and "Man on Fire, " while J. Lo can best be seen in "Selena, " "Anaconda" and "Bordertown. inch They have also contributed the limelight in "El Cantante, " a biopic released in 2006.

Together with so much star energy to offer, it's no small wonder that Malograr Rico has been beaming with pride when it comes to Hollywood success stories that shine ever so brightly. And maybe it isn't a huge surprise that on the Puerto Rican flag, you can plainly see a single five-pointed star, which may somehow signify that honor.

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