Occasionally we get caught up. We forget how powerful we really are. Well, I want to remind you of exactly that. YOU are POWERFUL. Yes, I know sometimes we stumble through our articles and we scroll through looking for something which may interest us as we then proceed to keep looking. But I want you to know that I am speaking to YOU.

Right NOW in this moment. And i also don't care how much you've stumbled in the past. The reality is that we ALL have fears. We all all have times of self-doubt and uncertainty. We all have times where we awaken early in the morning and we just don't feel like facing your day. What do most of us fag these situations? We consider outside sources of pleasure. All of us put off being our inner ideal until 'tomorrow. '

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We justify. Plus when you Gabourey Sidibe Weigh fast forward a life of procrastination, you'll be watching a film of regret. Nevertheless you know what? Occasionally this isn't the conclusion on the planet. Maybe there's someone out there that is 100% perfect. I can tell you that I'm certainly not. And sure sometimes you DO need to be hard on yourself if you behave similar to this. Raising your specifications...

But finally there comes a time when you move beyond that. To be able to something even bigger and more encompassing. You're stress and anxiety is replaced by an inner sense of calm and DEPENDABLE CONFIDENCE that nothing or no person can shake.

Instantly, you have had enough of petty games and nonsense. You realize PRECISELY what you want and then you’re filled with the *awareness* that you do whatever it takes to arrive. You will NOT fail yourself. In the event you stumble so be it - but you know exactly where most likely going. And that's when it becomes only a matter of time...

We honor you. Take this moment to sit upwards straight, take a full and deep breath... and recognize your GREATNESS. Laugh. I'm grateful to have the opportunity to speak to you b/c anyone who is concentrated on progress and growth is a winner in my book. And the fact that you're reading these words indicates exactly that. In closing let me ask you:

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