Then I asked I am I am using UV me he says I'm gonna used in the studywas thats at least for me and I believe itwas with a you know if there is normal are just awesome decline over time and Cogniq thenman out by the Orlando oz when have many alright after surgerytime the studies show that there was acorrelation between given level testosterone decline and harm to thefine or early San Eloy men do you believe that'strue idea I you because or not insane forwomen okay I would when it hit menopause andtheir estrogen is low progesterone is low their testosterone is negligible theirsluggish and sleepy our brains need adequate hormone levels to function optimally andin that includes testosterone I mean that will boost your energy itreally is critical in brain function because evenin men and women testosterone gets converted to yesterday the things are needed for forbrain health so so it's really not Cogniq what I'm talkingabout people who are professional athletes are going to getdrug tested okay but for the for the for the average person who wants ofmore help yes there Afghan age.

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