An Introduction to Geothermal Heating

Having a lower barrier to entry for new developers means that the Drupal community will grow even faster. This is good news for everyone, since it means more Drupal projects will be created, more Drupal GPS Trader Review jobs will be available, and the labor pool for Drupal development will be even larger. "Twig" reduces front-end programming, makes it easier to develop site themes is a huge part of Drupal. It's what separates the look and feel from the functionality of a site. Previously, Drupal used its own PHP framework for developing and executing theme files. Drupal 8 is integrating the Twig framework from the Symfony library, giving frontend developers a new box full of rich and well-established tools. Twig doesn't reduce the capability of Drupal's theme engine, but instead makes it easier to accomplish the same tasks with fewer lines of code.

Since Twig is used widely among Symfony developers, the barrier to entry for newcomers will be lower here, as well. More developers creating themes more easily means that we'll see a real surge of high-quality themes moving into the future. Streamlined content editing inspired by "Spark" There are several ways to create content in Drupal 8. The default experience is simple and understandable, but not the most intuitive process. Starting with Drupal 8, the Spark framework will be fully integrated with Drupal core, enabling the following features: Redesigned toolbar for centralized navigation Good user experience begins with intuitive navigation, no matter the framework. Drupal 8 has a redesigned toolbar that appears at the top of the page for any content moderator - not just admins. With the new "shortcuts" menu, authors will be able to bookmark popular content. This will be particularly useful during development - both of the site and of content in progress.

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