and after the application phase the site whether or not to get in the final around fine around this candidate raise now they start with so-called imitation face discussion phase actually the first round the shows talks take it take place next week in the Sun but with referendums in Berlin is it bad enough people take part in the last two referendums Berlin had for the temple of airport and the energy system the name get 25percent of the vote there was even a quorum for it the idea is a great idea let's have a referendum on everything but the trouble is some the people just Lunar Sleep want a partner they're not informed enough to know what's going on has there been a referendum in Germany but the Euro there would be no your own Germany Europe right now a referendums are a great idea but apraxia I'm not sure that they would work in terms of cost control him time as Isa on your block and absolutely astonishing number just in terms at the Casa submitting abide can you remind us what that number was I've been looking for it in my notes per head in Berlin .

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