company can be their own, you can find other channels through their own, fame can be small, but must have experience, if the love of life (love tossing home, like tossing the kitchen) Because such people would be more comprehensive than most people consider. Design level is important, but the experience and detail is the decisive factor in determining your future life experience. 2, water and electricity transformation to find professionals to do the first step to find a good company, talk about water and electricity.

Insert sentence, the decoration process must not make lazy, want to spend more money to worry about the idea of ??not. Money can spend more, but the process of learning can not be provincial, we must ask more to learn, your own knowledge of the decoration out of the white can know how to decorate a good effect, this no one can help you do a good job , Even the supervision company is not OK. water and electricity links is very important to learn and then talk to the foreman, if the foreman found little

understanding of water and electricity, immediately find professional hydropower companies to do. Water and electricity should not be lazy, to design more than a few sockets on the design of several sockets, the program must be repeated scrutiny, and a very important principle is: to leave more room to do more basic work (such as HD lines, Socket) to do more, spend more than a few hundred dollars more than a few outlets socket You may have been less than, but once a few years after the demand, you

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