1, compression and distortion: Bamboo is a crude fiber structure, straight fiber arrangement, not easy to produce distortion and deformation, its bending strength of up to about 1300 kg / cubic centimeter, 2-3 times the wood floor, bamboo The floor of the tensile, compressive strength and steel, cement comparable. Bamboo flooring moisture treatment than wood floor uniform shrinkage, low shrinkage factor. The wood flooring fiber arrangement is complex, easy to distort and deformation. Wood flooring and bamboo flooring at the same time soaked in water for 24 hours, the expansion rate of wood flooring bamboo flooring 2 times.
2, acoustic properties: the bamboo itself has a sound-absorbing, noise, reduce sound pressure, shorten the time the function of residual sound.
3, environmental protection and recuperation: bamboo flooring formaldehyde emission can reach the international top of the E0 standard, formaldehyde emission is almost negligible. Solid wood floor of the environmental indicators are still limited to E1 and E2 standards: e2 �� 5.0mg / L, e1 �� 1.5mg / L. Currently only Finland, Japan, the two countries to enforce the e0 standard. In China, to strengthen the implementation of the floor is the highest industry standard e1, cabinet industry, only the national standard e2, only part of the high-end product is e1.

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