Challenges you get this fixed and then you get to work on that for you this fix you to work on this once maybe one of the challenges thank god you're still working with for me yet some not to stay in positive it's a it's not the exercise my main challenges that I didn't love food yeah I'm really love her Garcinia Forte and I don't drink I don’t do drugs then I'm you know I don't smoke and I don’t go out really I'm get older I mean of may Allah and that’s a healthy food I love spaghetti and meatball yeah steak potatoes and lasagna national graders on out on bad so I love the food and ob stock but that going clear back tonight my twenties is I'm really got to be concentrating at having you know more nutrition shakes a less whole food ought to stay in shape I am what about you dust probably because huh register next I'll play when just see my yeah my best friend Melanie this weekend week away some but it was great I mean we had planned on it that we're going to have a good weekend and just do whatever and not worry about anything and we had a wonderful time but ohm I I’m saying really in all seriousness is.

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