Day out what past start his gym in the city in one day I thought I'm just gonna walk in and in a hooked up a few things somebody building to common  exercises and things to do you really know what I was doing it just often to learn found but occasion possums just started lifting some weights and arm it all started nests I've as just started fairly small like arm started once a week in to RageDNA some tried to learn math learn how to-do everything myself in and eventually the manager at the gym and he be talking to me in a bit now and then he offered to Cheney arm I've always been so thankful for that because he changed me for free and obviously too so that I needed helping he gave me that hope I needed in a timer on speed desperate so he changed me once a week in a chain myself awaits us on and on about tee times awake arm and and just production there in I'm I started rough but unlike I remember like pressing the sled his name writes on and to look back and see how five come now and just I'm always grateful for that.

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