Exterior insulation materials have a considerable market capacity For high-performance green energy-saving building materials and advanced manufacturing technology, to focus on the development of industrialization, large-scale production plans for wood plastic composite furniture of high-strength self-insulation sintered wall block, high-performance cement-based insulation materials and parts, building exterior insulation with high-performance rock wool Development of high-performance energy-saving doors and windows and curtain wall materials, improve the indoor health of the environmental quality of functional materials.

development of roofing waterproof integration of structural materials technology to meet the ever-increasing green energy-saving building materials and building materials, building price for wood plastic decking per square metre materials and components; Claim. Therefore, the insulation materials, especially exterior insulation materials have a considerable market capacity, especially in the construction of new buildings in the external wall insulation materials production enterprises will get greater business opportunities.

With the country to strengthen the building energy-saving requirements, especially in the transformation of existing buildings, ultra-white glass, insulating glass, anti-ultraviolet glass and other products will have greater demand. At present, such products not only have high barriers to entry of technology, but also has great social and market demand potential. In modern buildings, the pursuit of large-scale lighting of the glass design plastic exterior wood grain siding panels has become a trend, but this energy conservation and architectural design has a contradiction. In order to solve this contradiction, must use the function energy conservation glass to replace the common architectural glass.

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