Flooring FOR Foot feels comfortable

Picture of floor of sitting room wood is on style feature, control whole pure and fresh and tonal, but the colour to can let a bedroom is more stereo, can consider to choose the cabinet of wooden lubricious lay particular stress on or desk stool, have a balance. The floor decorates the wooden floor board that chooses shallow wood color to give priority to, or the carpet that in the sitting room central position spreads on one piece to be braided with hemp makings, can add the flavor occupying the home of a lot of warmth for the bedroom, and won't let indoor environment appear too raw or cold food.

Metope is given priority to with light color, if do not want to appear curt, can spread the metope wallpaper that sticks light bottom. The proposal resides ground shop to affix wooden floor in the home, can make indoor environment has life interest more. On the choice of wooden floor, should suit style, choose light department to give priority to, avoid to choose as far as possible slant red or the wooden floor of puce undertakes collocation.

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