Foods with refined starches should backs and oils often fail to contain the essential nutrients that are found in nutrient-rich foods such as fruits Garcinia Life Plus and vegetables but have many more calories turbine at the same time a highly sedentary lifestyle over the last thirty years has resulted in a global epidemic of obesity on day well solutions that emphasized a balanceddiet and a healthy active lifestyle are urgently needed during this presentation I will cover the following topics: global trends daily nutrition needs healthy eating habits backs to better understand nutrition information to better evaluate your meal plan Herb life quality products and excellent in science tips on achieving your ideal body composition and finally the role have a normal life member sole’s dive right in and get started overweight obesity or global epidemic not a problem you need to any one particular area the world although some areas are more affected than others doctor he broke watch the World Health Organization same globally more than $1 billion adults are overweight and the overweight and obese population in developing countries is increasing so even if the caller here is lighter in some areas obesity is growing at afaster rate than the darker areas especially in texted the global population is aged about sixty years ago much the population is under the age of five by 2050 most in the world population will be over 65 many may think it's mainly genetics but lifestyle plays the greatest influence on healthy aging given that seventy percent of healthy aging is related to lifestyle habits it is what you do on a daily basis that matters the most at.

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