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Yoga, an ancient practice, has won the heart of a lot of people. Its popularity and awareness is increasing every now and then. A lot of people have come to terms with the enormous benefits of yoga. They are very much aware of how it can benefit their general health, fitness and also influencing their lifestyle. These benefits are what is encouraging a lot of people, to consider daily yoga practice.

Yoga is fit for everyone. It is not designed for those with special body sizes or shapes. Anyone can practice it conveniently. All that is required is for that person to be consistent, and well-focused. Yoga has no age boundary. This is what makes the exercise both inviting as well as accessible to people of all age group. There are different types of yoga that targets different parts of our body. They are associated with flexibility, strength, focus as well as concentration. Yoga can benefit the body in more ways than one. It can help to release stress as well as tension that is trapped in our body. We can achieve this relief, through series of controlled breathing and chanting, while forming diverse poses.

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