Through repetition the brain rewires itself. Science has confirmed the brain can rewire itself. This is fantastic information especially for anybody wishing to enhance the high high quality of their way of life and engaging Formula Focus Nootropic  the support of a coach for this 'change' procedure. Making, and more importantly sustaining, any changes in considering or in behaviour patterns, would be very difficult, if not impossible, without this scientific truth. Knowing this offers coaching clients not only motivation but also confidence to continue on the path to 'change', which sometimes can be a difficult one. Neuroscience has confirmed the brain can be rewired Over the last few decades, research in neuroscience have confirmed the 'default network' you were born with can be changed. This happens by creating new sensory routes. The 'default network' ensures your survival by detecting and responding to threats, such  Formula Focus as a tiger about to eat you! The 'default network' generates a 'fight or flight' response to enhance the odds of survival. However it can become hypersensitive, interfering with your capability to encounter the present moment in a more open and relaxed manner. The production of neurochemical and molecular changes in the body known as nerves is how the changes in the brain happen.

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