I'm going to conclude here although there’s much.

I'm going to conclude here although there’s much more that I could talk about by saying that an understanding of the skin helps to identify technologies that are most likely to be effective in improving pigment lines volume loss and Luxoderm  skin laxity there are numerous minimally invasive technologies available that pose minimal rest and produce little down time and everything that I've talked about sort of fits into that category with the specifics being think that I would be glad to answer questions about and finally surgery can be avoided or postpone through less invasive techniques and whether you should choose to see me or my colleagues in plastic surgery really we are both departments that are very capable have talking to you about nonsurgical and surgical approaches let me just at resume the session by telling you that we're going to be doing a demonstration a Jupiter a into what are two structure son the face that loop volume as we age and I was very lucky to have a volunteer I from among my colleagues and I don't have to be any more specific than that and Maria is a young woman who is years old and she exhibit H appropriate volume on I think her skin looks great but there are few areas where she hashed a Lawson by Amy just these areas called uneasily beautiful and eat to that in this area is called the meal they feel sockets right at the junction between.

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