Is your iPhone screen cracked? You need to get it repaired right away! You shouldn’t continue to use your iPhone if it has a cracked screen because you could cut yourself using the phone, and you can also incur further damage by not fixing your phone right away. iPhones are very delicate and a lot of people tend to use their phones without a protective case. iPhones are very expensive and your phone insurance won’t fix your phone because you’ve dropped it. The best thing to do is to find a local iPhone repair center that can replace your iPhone screen at a reasonable price Fix iPhone Los Angeles.

At, we specialize in fixing and replacing iPhone screens. We’re located in the West Los Angeles area on La Cienega blvd and Pico. We offer competitive pricing and we’re able to fix your iPhone right away so you can get back to playing candy crush, scrolling Facebook, or taking selfies for Instagram. So what type of iPhones do we fix? We fix all iPhone screens including the original iPhone. We also have custom screens available if you want your phone to stand out from your friends. If you’d like, we can also replace the back cover of your phone too with something unique that fits your personality. So what can you do to make sure that your phone is kept safe? How can you avoid your cell phone from being damaged or cracked in the first place? Well here are a few tips to avoid cracking the screen on your iPhone.

Make sure that you always use a protective cell phone cover. iPhone covers are designed to protect your phone, not to look cool. You want to make sure that when you’re out in public (with nothing under you but concrete), that you always user a proper cell phone cover. A cell phone cover is like a crash helmet for your phone, so you want to make sure that’s its sturdy and that it can withstand a hard collision with the concrete. It’s also a good idea to avoid using your cell phone with one hand. Using your iPhone with one hand is the quickest way to drop it, especially if someone bumps into you. If you must use your phone in public while walking, we suggest that you hold on to your phone with both hands while texting so you’ll have a better chance of catching and/or holding on to your phone if someone bumps into you while you’re walking.

Another way to avoid dropping your phone and breaking it is to avoid using your phone while walking. Anytime that you use your phone outside while you’re on the go, your risk dropping your phone and sometimes even an iPhone cover won’t prevent your screen from cracking or shattering. If possible, try to use your phone indoors where there’s carpet. The carpet will cushion the fall of your $1,000 phone. If you’re addicted to your phone and you must use it in public, then we suggest that you sit down and use your phone to send your email, text, or update your social media profiles. It may seem annoying at first, but sitting down to use your phone is a lot better than dropping your phone and damaging the screen and hardware.


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