It is also a complex value with Suisse Anti Aging Serum52%

• The active ingredient Regestril- is regestril This article is nice and there is power to improve up to 72.5% of the layers of the skin, and will structure the kind normally reduces the depth of stretch marks and gradually we will see how within 60 days of the use of all the unwanted evidence will disappear completely from your body. Reports in the clinical study on 13 women from the application of this formula natural base during the period of post-pregnancy stretch marks so all of the affected area just become younger and glowing again so within two months just to get a buck average color easily


• Darutoside- It is also a complex value with  Suisse Anti Aging Serum52% additional power to limit the length of each stretch marks so that one can safely get the desired results within a month. This compound is better to reduce the 52% of the length of the strips, as well as to increase the smoothness by 14% overall. In addition, this compound is the best of the indentation cut by 55% and all along the irregularities will also reduce from about 52% easily

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