Love you but you still have to prove yourself I’m giving you format is this month perform at your best and I'll throw your number one contender's match for the NFC title really mom home boy I more faith a law on deer Roe a Honda Aero is your real wrestler because I really don't know and somebody posted a comment saying that all my care deluxe ugly come on now can't be that bad K Maximum Shred what is going on here okay use just the getting ready to gout full cut same and this is my entrance that high I have tactually work on to with a flashlight the following content making his  from in from Delhi India the love and I were yes those were my serving a to be in billion Dr preside over there who I am from there actually yeah I'mgonna work on Mike entrance for sure and need to make them look more edgier and our nicer better in L on their affection to come out abed got to pretty cool entrance coming up for sure or he.

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