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Tattoo inspire clothing or alternative clothing is not a new concept especially for the people who are fashion savvy. This line of clothing has its own way to convey the style of the person wearing it; attitude is the more appropriate word. Tattooing is in practice for a very long time as it has been evidenced from the Neolithic times. It was done for keeping the archeological record on mummified skin. The oldest discovered sample of a tattoo on human skin dates back to 6000 BC. This tells you the story that this concept  is not something new to this world.

In the past tattoos were more significantly associated with inmates, bikers, sailors and rebels. However, this has evolved in the recent times and now people use this idea to express themselves. Many workplaces have no issues in hiring people with such designing however; a few may still have their reservations. Many athletes and celebrities are also among the people who are interested in such things. So the rebellious stigma associated with this form of art is almost gone and it is now considered a way of self expression in the current world.

In more recent decades the trend of tattooing has entered a new phase in form of alternative clothing. In addition to tattoos on their skin, people are more inclined to buy apparel with the similar  designs. The most common reason for this trend is that the skin tattoo is something more permanent but that styled apparel can be varying as per our different mood on different days. For some people getting tattooed is a way to express their mood in addition to being fashionable but for a few of them it might be a considerably painful experience as the ink is transferred into the skin. For this certain group of people alternative clothing is particularly introduced meaning being that you can wear a tattoo just like you wear your clothes and then of course, take them off whenever you want. However, the alternative fashion line did not remain among the people who care more about its painful side. It exploded among those as well who love inking their bodies permanently. The main target segment for this industry is the youth, who has that ideology of “freedom” in their nature.

Tattoo inspired clothing is most common among the people who belong to arts and fashion. For the artists it symbolizes their love towards the different ways of expressing how they feel. They are interested in alternative clothing to become a walking-talking piece of art. Similar is the case with the people who belong to the fashion industry, for them anything goes that sets a trend. Recently, sportspersons from all over the world have endorsed this line of clothing, which was rather limited to the extreme athletes in the past. This laid the foundation for alternative gear to enter the suited-booted world of executives. The trend of wearing a tattooed dress shirt under the suit found its way into the fashion world. These days, tattooed clothes are not restricted to a casual lifestyle; it has entered the corporate world as well. Many young startup owners are wearing alternative clothing line endorsing the pop culture.

Despite being popular among the masses of all ages especially the youth, alternative clothing has still a long way to go. The reason being there are certain people who don’t find it appealing that a person should express whatever he wants especially out in the public. Many people who love such clothing are fine with anything that conveys their message to the public no matter how offensive it is. Designers of almost all sorts of industries love to wear tattoo inspire clothing( ) . The words or expressions drawn on such clothes can be very disturbing for some people and if we are living in a social and ethical world then we need to follow a certain code of conduct that allows us to express ourselves without being offensive to others that live around us.    

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