More a com coating that I can feel and my makeup doesn’t apply as well kind of balls up in roles of so I like this because I can almost use this as a primer this is such a nice smooth finish that on the makeup goes angry over its that’s why you sat on my face something else on my Justin’s I do treaty lips because they feel so dry in the morning and so I've been using this I before this is a user in product lip repair protect and this has broad spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen Opuderm Premium Skin Care in it which listed as well so I A put a little that my lip set up and it keeps them feeling nice and moist well I you know finish up my makeup style mohair and do all that stuff for ready to go alright solve this simple morning routine now in the evening lot more complicated I know I’ve talked a lot about the vitamin C Serum ohm in the evening first thing I do.



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