The gut okay now if that does what other things blow holes in the got medications okay that causes these and in fact we know note auctions which is the ones inGatorade the MSG Game products which is anything in a package and a box poison prescription drugs all these blows holes in the got if you have we can get guess what kind things happen asthma diabetes lupus what's lupus that muscle aches and joint pain everywhere scleroderma quietness rheumatoid arthritis multiple sclerosis chronic fatigue syndrome these are all symptoms that could be misdiagnosed has fibromyalgia could so cuddle leaky gut be misdiagnosed as fiveAraujo yes sir yes so why do I start feeling they got first okay 50 matching because I want to fix it I don't these people is patience for life I want affects this right here this causes leaky gut this is the old vaccine schedule in 1983this is 2010 however there are now up to 115 antigens injected into a child okay by the time they were 18 there’s   Addium  about 45 more there's vaccines for smoking there's vaccines for obesity all in the works so expect to get a huge and right now allotted these are mandatory we have exemptions now in every state okay but a lot of these are mandatory for workers switches which just the just are I hope horrendous senses vaccines are mandatory since we’re getting II 81 shots for the time the kid is six years old do you think and this is what they're talking about hepatitis B autoimmune diseases which is one other that a lot of people are saying the fibromyalgia is an autoimmune disease they're saying that it is linked the vaccines but we don't know why and you know what’s not going to be studied because its most profitable air one of the most profitable areas out the pharmaceutical industry I mean that the CDC says and in with how they measure the effectiveness I love other shot is the measure antibody production we now know that the presence of antibodies don't know to protection you get a lot of antibodies and get sick you could have little I know anybody’s not get sick okay so what we used to think about anybody ‘sis not true what they do know is that if you have greater than 10 antibodies you know Britain million offer you know milliliter if you have this number have antibodies the CDC labels that has protected okay well what they did is they did couple studies in adults adolescents and infants yourtalkin 9000 7to000 3to000 antibodies is that greater than 10 so there's a thing called molecular mimicry mall at like 11 McKee means that see it an antibody only has two jobs it find something kills it then to commit suicide so its aggressive than anybody is designed.

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