Okay so nice and squeeze I just think

Okay so  nice and squeeze I just think about so I'm punching you in the site perfect squeeze them so bleak muscles know how to do it twice through all over again then that means finished Rave okay it's going enduros testo booster okay such one  of I   back down to go out and its we have to those aside oblique crunches okay good if we keep getting up and down rebuilding lives calories really turning up a four-day working all blacks have I'm shoulders okay excellent job accidents this when you’re my back up again it's a nice Heine   K not intend last time back down that squeeze great job everyone is your first round now is it really so these a controlled of really squeeze those abs Segre’s I know us why okay you got sorry like ate-second right so take some flowers Umbel I get a unsafe tennis what jumps Nintendo basic rights for gay four times okay so make sure you squat jumping if anybody asks if I they just bend the knee hi severe lack last one sit.

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