people don't giveme this thing I have a difficult time with

people don't giveme this thing I have a difficult time with the time and I don't have time forthis now that you have time you make the time when the president ofthe united states has time to broke out when the pope has time to work out thenyou have time to work out what you know because I was so susieasking about you know the GV my vision entertainment vision into reality andthe winning one championship after the nextthere was always excitement since whose house India so when I went into the gym Obama gymbag down and immediately attacked the weightsthere was no I mean many times we started out there doingmaybe 3 45 minutes of have broken a beginning to warm up ina to do maybe 500 a Roman Shia sit-ups or somethinglike that to warm up and then we got right into itall legal rights into the whole thing but the meat was right away Wambach said then the nextwat up next with a bumble all the way to the top do it is can't doit and super setting everything was always super savings super savings supersame and those three months it said forces ina row 50 said we'd change them what auto money app

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