power kind of forming a yes so Alike this fresh because it as large as a powder Excel so it pickup any perfect kind of line of it so I just tap that into powder and I just start typing only face is wow I know this is not a lot of players current I'm but like I said I don't use concealed on my actual breakout so if I where you can t let you at companies like transitions encounter just because this would be all our meet up it has a lower focusing on areas where to you need a little coverage and is bringing down my neck as well yeah I don't know however showing up on camera but it’s like slavery often colorful it gets catholic and chest and it ends up looking totally fine in couple minutes from now semi final step is to set my under eyeconcealer I don't you think confrontation from Leswhatever power and the things that make up because it tends to get a little bit having a low key on my under eye so what  

Novus Serum 

I've been using recently is this cover backs eliminating setting powder in the shade light this is pretty much a translucent encounter but you have three different shades in case you are deeper skin tone and lightweight 10 patterns tend a little bit ash and your skin totally cool I see the shed light of course and I really like this 


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