Really like at the time completely unexplainable I'll had no idea what was going on was a different and again a different anything like these random Lunar Sleep sharper something not the indomitable pain in my left ear mostly want to lower my rate those most in my left ear and never in my entire life I mean up until that point 29 30 years or so never had trouble with erase anything like that now suddenly I'm getting a slight left and right so I was some freak me out to okay now the thing that really kept me from lifting for actually like two years when I get down to it is ahead pain under this arm the I wouldn't say constantly it wasn't constant throughout the day but it was I if I would that's a this teeny tiny bone water if I tried to lift that up I am I getting on your mind right or and really kind of ridiculous nothings that were so I and I use the left I mean age the press like this over my head seventy eighty pounds now suddenly I was not even able to lift up this without having pain under my arm so that's working out at the gym fourteen years get me from doing yoga for two years it the reason you really haven't seen that many videos will.

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