Scroll to give a person a sense of bright eyes

With the popular drama "Pinocchio", heroine Hye hairstyle has become a hot topic again, not only became a lot of boys in the minds of the goddess, even the girls have been admiration, hair salon recommended Korean drama "Pinocchio" female main hairstyle Hye high cold volume pk long straight hair.

With "Pinocchio" hit, Hye this pure charming long curly hair also attracted a lot of people's eyeball, pure and pity feeling believe that no one can resist the live, the design is also quite a beauty.tyme gold plated hair straightener creates silky smooth and longer lasting curls in minutes!

A long curly hair appears very natural casual, there will be no manual processing traces of it, and it appears that girls will be very gentle fresh and charming, natural shawl hair as if people bathed in the sun, very pleasing.

Long curly hair Even if it is tied up, simple tie a low ponytail, also appear to have new ideas, still give people a sense of bright eyes, the whole shape or a kind of fresh and refined feeling, smile all take heart soul.tyme iron 2 in 1 is so popular in supermarket.

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