Seminar around move industry heat, organized report of 4 specially invite and 6 themes report, held communication of interview of 2 honored guests to interact. Xiao Xiaobing of chief engineer of synthetic wood porch flooring designing institute of program of industry of forest products of bureau of forestry of Lv Bin of assistant director of institute of senior engineer of class of vice-chairman of association of industry of Chinese forest products Professor Qian Xiaoyu,

lumber industry's researcher, country designs Great Master, Kunming Li Linming of president of Xin Feilin company parts. Come from industry of timber of Hubei treasure source limited company, composite wood plastic manufacturers Feng Linya starts plant of machine of man-made board of limited company, Shanghai (benefit city) man-made board limited company, 10 thousand China chemistry (Yantai) sale limited company, Jia Muyuan scene (Beijing) limited company of science and technology. Invited Suofeiya to live in the fluctuation such as vise general manager of Inc.

Zhang Ting to swim to the industry elite of industrial catenary is discussed jointly and be analysed respectively, and with join conference representing spot to interact.plastic wood composite boat deck material Occupy the United States to be opposite China 48.3% what export total. Beautiful banner loose board deals the quantity is amounted to 35, 400 stere, grow one times much.

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