The selection of floor tiles solid wood flooring Solid wood flooring is wood by drying, after processing to form the surface decoration materials. It has the natural pattern, comfortable feet, the use of composit timber wood malaysia security features, is the bedroom, living room, study and other ground decoration ideal material.

Solid wood decorative style back to nature, natural texture, decreased in the forest coverage, and vigorously promote environmental protection today, solid wood flooring is even more valuable. The new national standard on the old GB made important changes and additions. Mainly to modify some of the Perfect Patio Deck Sale size and defect content, to add the appropriate specification of the tree species and the requirements of the paint board. While eliminating the impact toughness of wood hardness and abrasion resistance requirements.

Past the market once the name of the name of chaos standard, strange name, as well as fake mixed during which what gold shaddock, gold does not change, rich wood, so that customers really Veranda Decking Price,Veranda Decking Exporters,Outdoor Decking Who... hard to distinguish, good or bad. So the new standard requirements must be strictly nominal, and in Appendix form. Sales should be issued by the authority of the test report shall prevail.

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