Solid wood flooring of the four major killers

First, solid wood flooring soaking arch Solid wood flooring and solid wood flooring damp in the same place,composite boat floor sheets their difference is that the damp is a precursor to the arch is damp continues and develop. Resulting in the relative humidity in the air is high, the water is absorbed by the floor after the expansion, under the floor water; floor was flooded; newly renovated housing is not open Window ventilation, coatings and cement evaporation can not spread a lot of moisture; pavement reserved when the gap between the floor is too small, can not meet the normal expansion rate needs. Solution: encountered resurgence of weather, the general moisture content in the air is very high. So we can not open the window ventilation, but should be closed doors and windows, if necessary, should also open air conditioning or other dehumidification equipment to reduce moisture in the air. The installation of the geothermal system of the family, should always pay attention to the following pipe there is the phenomenon of rupture, such as the floor edge of the phenomenon of moisture should be dealt with immediately, so as not to develop to the floor arch. Encountered a large area of ??the arch from the phenomenon, but also from the floor in a timely manner leak detection. Also in the pavement, should grasp the flexibility of the floor, control the gap between the adjacent floor. Second, the solid wood flooring edge. Solid wood flooring upturned the main reason is the damp,look like wood wall panels material resulting in solid wood flooring damp Qi Qiao direct reasons include: building walls and floor water content is higher; pavement is not completely dry ground; moisture isolation measures are not in place, incomplete Blocking the invasion of water on the floor; including underground pipes, geothermal pipes, including, due to indoor temperature difference caused by condensed water; �� bone itself is not completely dry wood; in the floor cleaning process of artificial water. Solution: found that wood flooring damp, it should immediately open the floor around the room to play the role of casual tide, big garden pavilions floor materialthis can ease the degree of deformation. If the damp area is large, the degree of deformation is large, it is recommended to reorganize the base, dry and then re-paving the floor. Third, solid wood flooring gap between the larger Solid wood flooring between the main reasons for the emergence of a large gap, the plates suffered extreme dry environment too much water loss, the floor between the tongue and groove phenomenon from the seam, the direct reason is: from the wet spring and summer into the relatively dry autumn and winter season , Continuous abnormal dry weather is only solid wood flooring internal moisture to a large extent the income can not make ends meet; sun direct exposure; long open air conditioning, doors and windows closed, no moist air added; pavement reserved for the gap between the floor , Encountered in the dry weather gap is more obvious. Solution: encountered extreme dry weather,easy to install laminate floor on the park due to timely measures to take room moisture. Daily life should be avoided near the windowsill of the floor for a long time exposed to direct sunlight, long time to open the air conditioning, because attention to open the indoor humidifier at the same time. If the gap due to pavement caused by a larger gap between the tongue and groove, you can consider re-paving solid wood flooring. Fourth, solid wood flooring surface cracks Cracks on the floor surface mainly in the floor paint can not keep up the flexibility of the expansion and contraction of solid wood flooring cracks and began to fall off. The main reasons for cracking the surface of the floor: extreme hot and cold weather changes, resulting in solid wood flooring moisture swells and plunge, the floor surface of the floor paint can not keep up with the floor expansion and contraction changes, resulting in floor paint cracking; in the sun after exposure , Floor water loss severe contraction; floor damp, flooding surface expansion. Solution: First, to prevent surface cracking, we should control the moisture content of solid wood flooring, to avoid sun exposure. Second, when buying floor paint, floor paint should be strictly guaranteed flexibility and adhesion. Such as the phenomenon of floor paint cracking, we can by grinding, repair paint repair, if the crack is too long too much, consider replacing the piece of the floor.

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