These little cosmetic where jus Jack on Flicker the dollar store where I can get them from the everywhere some always picking Opuderm Premium Skin Care them are and buy a used this parts I'll the sponge to apply it what's that is laid down I'm going to gooey and apply my setting powder with is Make Up Forever After I'll pro finish powder and I'm the color in this I'm going to go head and show you guys what this looks like before stock but then again so that’s what it looks like I love the color and love the coverage now usually I will let my banana powder sit on my face for about two seconds this is most of the time the point wherein will go ahead and finish my eye makeup and I'll goahead and do that when I finish my eye makeup and I'm going to come back and then we'regonna but about that are that actual powder something back okay so as you can see my face is are but out my.

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