We r close to a break now so it's going to take a break and come back and talk more about your system and how you do it okay personal changes easy when you have the right tools if your life is ruled by unruly habits that you absolutely must get rid of once and for all you can get out of your way RageDNA and start living the life view dreams once you learn how to reduce resistance to change it is actually quite easy to install new ways of thinking and behaving imagine being able to stop a lifelong smoking habit to calm your mind easily to increase your faith in your ability to act and think differently act in dot com we have over a hundred effective and efficient self-help titles simply listen for  days and CEO life take on new meaning mine I'm back with Sophie for who is a holistic life coach and inspirational speaker Sophie I saw in your resume that you were also a certified up toward up to more performance trainer the National Academy Sports.

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