Are you looking for weather tight roofing services in Dublin, and then we assure that we are your best choice.

Watertight to rain and wind:

The windows and the entrance doors must withstand the atmospheric and the effects of the intemperate. Protection against wind, storms, and rain requires reliable construction, guaranteed work connections, and professional assembly.

Protect yourself against bad weather:

In addition to being rain and windproof, our door and window systems have more important details:

Water and moisture tight:

These roofs contribute in two ways to keeping the interiors dry and salubrious. On the one hand, the central seal effectively avoids the entry of water and steam.  On the other hand, when the rain falls directly in the window, the special cameras of our profiles expel the water out. They meet the strictest requirements even under extreme conditions.

 Water and moisture tight

All our glasses adhere directly to your frames. This bonding provides high stability even in extreme weather conditions. In large glazing, steel reinforcements increase the sturdiness of windows.

High-quality fittings for airtight windows

The roofs are equipped with hardware of certified quality. Our perimeter rotating bolts fit the window evenly into the joints. This provides a great and durable seal. We are a leading manufacturer of flat roofs Dublin. Among these support services, we put our Technical Office at the customer's service to prepare the plans that will help the subsequent installation of the cover. The plans are the graphic representation of the project, describing it exhaustively to arrive at a visual understanding of the whole. They are the most used documents of the project and will include the necessary information to execute the work object of the project in the most concrete form possible.

Our technicians also offer advice on the most optimum design and development of the project according to the characteristics of the installation area. This overhaul is totally free and is built-in. If you have any doubts or want to contact our products, contact us through our contact form. Or if you prefer, you can call us. We offer the highest quality of fiberglass roofs Dublin as a product on the market, combined with an integral service of great quality, both to support the professionals of the sector, as well as to the final client, offering solutions for any need that may arise.

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