What I'm I couldn't tell you the time

What I'm I couldn't tell you the time I wake upon the morning want to go to the gym if I tell you a time even hour before I’ll Jacked Muscle Extreme never be on time that's all I work I don't have string schedule training partners have people to pick up the train with me here and there I’m Dave henna oldest just come on call and you just let me know an hour before sort of course they can get food in and tips training where me I’m done there slot was dishing dumbbells good stiffer when you don't have a team you know have our structure where it's like you know a time schedule where your you expecting people to show up for someplace be open Vegas is the meanest wide-ranging arts a best place to train snaps it's like an athlete sprayed playground you’re pretty much I mean we just we train  hours a day in be  hours and I mean nothing is no weather variables everything is just in tune with what you try to do because you can just make it in any kind of structure wired and the result will be the same each day day everyday similar I mean I don't listen to.

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