What that means is that Namath had we exploded at an early stage and it had not spread cell on I was discover that I'm as I said I was religious outgoing to  Luxoderm  my dermatologist and she had spotted it before the other thing that was a unusual that it was the fact that when I would get them in the Sun the lesion turn he anyways you know so that was unusual so as I said during one of my regular skin checks I had biopsy for and it was not melanoma cell you know wean issue when it actually when the biopsied it again number years later you know it was still there in store gets kind of look suspicious and you know so I mean I'm just a poster child for the fact that you know you just need to you know just kind you wear what's on your skin and cause in the you know just their have gone to your doctor and remembered I'll the dark not all known as will be dark spots you're also looking for things but you see those things but you can be the basis so since we use other cancers but think usually does the company known on known.

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