Works where you got to hang in there get the acting cal is going to go find an agent which is really hard to do  about what the hardest part in it in a way  articulation be cured if you walk into an office and you lookalike Nitro XL me they're not going to take you because they already have me right they don't need you life and the same thing with rigor mean you know if they have evolved if he got three bombs are you guys with goatees you can forget about you have the hardest time getting agency unless you have some when you need the only event but threes there could be an age difference down there to be relatively rare going to be a height difference are those things and then I'll take your son and then you have a whip I do have great show and there's an art book commercials with that way and I've gone in auditions were evident even know was awake and that book either I mean shows up release it was actually you shake.

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